Truzzi's Bath and Body Gift Guide

Could goat milk soap be the gift you're looking for?

Do you know someone who loves:

  • shopping local
  • natural products
  • smelling fabulous
  • having super soft skin
  • trying new things
  • getting unique gifts

Then you've come to the right place! We have over 40 soap fragrances to choose from and a veritable treasure trove of other unique natural bath and body products.

Gifts for those who love the unique

Gifts for the garden lover

Gifts for the ultra feminine

Gifts for the men in your life

Gifts for the new mom

Gifts for the accessory lover

Find the perfect gift? Awesome! We have a number of fantastic ways to wrap these up for you.

Love the solid feeling of a box in your hand? Check out our gift box option! Buying a pile of soap? Consider our soap stack! Gathering a lovely variety? These organza gift bags are sure to hit the spot.