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Goat Milk Soap


natural handmade soap. from scratch, the artisan way.

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Since 2009 Truzzi's Bath & Body has been hand crafting luxurious, nourishing goat's milk soaps, lotions, and natural skincare for you. What makes our natural soaps so special? We use an old fashioned soap making formula with natural ingredients designed to keep your skin smooth and nourished. Between our creamy goat's milk, coconut oil, castor oil, and olive oil, your skin will be glowing and healthy! So many of our wonderful soap lovers could hardly believe the difference the goatmilk soap has made in their dry, itchy skin! We've had many reports of our goat milk soaps and lotions providing natural excema relief and fixing chronic skin dryness. No more cracked and bleeding hands? Yes, please! Try it and feel the difference - your skin will thank you!


Lotion & More

Goat's milk isn't just for soaps! Check out our natural goat milk body lotion, facial lotion, eye serum, lip balm, all natural bug repellent, bath melts, salts...the list goes on! Find your new favorite natural skincare product today.

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We are a family owned and operated small farm in the Piedmont Triad area of North Carolina. Here at Truzzi's Bath & Body ~ Thousand Hills farm, we have a deep love of using what God has given us in creation to provide a natural solution for so many common skincare ailments. With that in mind, we our able to use the milk provided by our small herd of American Alpine goats to make some of the best goat milk skincare you can find! For more about who we are and how this all started, click here.

"These products are the very best! They are natural, handmade and local. Support this wonderful family and feel good."

— Melissa O.

Sea Salt Spa Bars


Our glorious sea salt soap bars must be tried! We pack each bar (more than half!) with sea salt, renowned for its detoxifying properties. Just like the salt treatments offered at spas the world over, our handmade Spa Bars are toning and purifying, with a lotion-like lather that leaves you moisturized, soft, and squeaky-clean.

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Truzzi's offers wholesale bath & body options to meet your needs as a retailer, as well as custom options for your bridal shower favors, baby shower favors, bed & breakfast, spa, hotel, or other gift giving needs. Each and every item at Truzzi’s Bath & Body is made and wrapped by hand. We have over 40 goat milk soap fragrances to choose from and a great variety of other natural, goat milk skincare products we know you will love! For more information please visit our Wholesalers page. Thank you!