What's in Truzzi's Confetti bar?


Fresh, floral scent with woody undertones. It is said to be beneficial for most skin conditions as it promotes the growth of new cells. It has a healing effect on burns and sunburn, and can be helpful for use on eczema, psoriasis and acne. It has also been known as a ‘pick me up’ scent.

Peppermint & Spearmint:

Peppermint: An uplifting fragrance. It's dual action warming/cooling sensation is reputed to be beneficial for relieving itching, inflammation, sunburn and muscle ailments. Peppermint is also believed to soften skin, aid treatment of greasy hair/skin and energize the mind and body.

Spearmint: Refreshingly sweet aroma. It is an astringent oil and is said to have an uplifting and stimulating effect on the mind and body.



A clear herbaceous scent. It is said to be useful for clearing congestion, aiding in construction of new skin cells and preventing bacterial growth. It is reputed to have a healing action on burns, blisters, wounds and insect bites, and has been used to combat sore muscles and joints.

Tea tree:

A fresh, antiseptic and medicinal fragrance. It is reputed for it's ability to fight all three types of infectious organisms (bacteria, fungi, and viruses) and it's cleansing ability. It is also said to be beneficial for many skin conditions including acne, oily skin, burns, sores, sunburns and dry scalp conditions.

Our confetti bar also contains Jojoba Beads, which are small spheres of jojoba oil, gently exfoliates your skin.

All of these beneficial ingredients are added to our tried and true base of natural oils to create balanced bar offering moisturizing, lather, and lovely soft skin! I don’t think we could pack any more ‘good stuff’ into a bar!