What's in Truzzi's lotion, and why.

Goat's Milk

Fresh from my goat’s; very nourishing; natural emollient that helps balance the skins natural pH and promotes natural exfoliation of dry skin; packed with vitamins A, B, C & D as well as protein, calcium, potassium and magnesium, and gentle due to pH level that is closest to that of our own skin.

Short-strand protein structure allows it to be easily absorbed into the skin. Historic beauties testified to milks effectiveness with their faithful use of milk in their beauty regime. Cleopatra took aromatic milk baths, Emperor Nero's wife Poppea bathed in milk and even Marie Antoinette used buttermilk to prevent wrinkles.


Anti-inflammatory, anti-reddening, and anti-itching. Cell proliferation (which leads to speedier healing), anti-oxidant, barrier protection, moisturizing (contains allantoin which is a fantastic skin protectant that softens skin).

It causes rapid cell regeneration and proliferation, and is approved by the FDA to temporarily prevent and protect chafed, chapped, cracked, or windburned skin by speeding up the natural processes of the skin and increasing the water content.

Sunflower oil

High in linoleic acid good for the skins barrier, repair and conditioning; phytosterols help with anti-inflammation and itching

Fractionated Coconut oil

Very light and moisturizing, coconut oil absorbs well into skin

Rice Bran Oil

High in fatty acids, vitamin E complex, and squalene for moisturizing and softening

Mango Butter

Mango Butter penetrates deep into skin and returns elasticity. It has high levels of Vitamins A and E, as well as phytosterols, fatty esters, and phenolic acids. Helps repair skin damage. It softens and heals cracked and aged skin.



Serious moisturizing, anti-inflammatory properties, and water repellancy. It helps create a barrier to keep water in to help moisturize our skin, and it will help keep lotions and balms on our hands even after washing. Increases absorption of active ingredients in lotion.

Vitamin E

Anti-oxidant, protectant to help preserve oils

Allantoin, Isopropyl Myristate, Cyclomethicone, Dimethicone: for emolliency, barrier protection, ‘glide’ and helps absorption for less ‘grease’ on surface of skin

Emulsifiers/ co-emulsifiers/thickeners: allows the oil and water to combine


I include an appropriate preservative in my products to protect the product and the user. It is essential for ‘ick free’ lotion and in products that contain water (or if water may enter the product due to use). Basically, where there is water there is life! And that includes yeast, mold, fungus, bacteria and other ‘nasties’.  These are ‘natural’, but uninvited and unwelcome guests!


THE FINE PRINT:  by law I must say that this does not constitute medical advice for treatment of ailments. The aforementioned ingredient information is, however, readily available from an abundance of scientific research.