Intro to Truzzis

Hello, Hello! We're new here. We're a family of (small-time) farmers in Kernersville, North Carolina. This is Rachael, the youngest daughter, and I will, most often, be the voice of this blog as I corral my three young children around the farm and in and out of grocery stores and music lessons.


We love sharing our natural bath and body products with everyone, and we get a lot of questions about our soap. What makes it special? Why does goat milk make it better? Isn't it a lot of work to use bar soap? Does it really last? Can it help my excema? Can it help my acne? Can it make me grow taller and lose weight? Haha...just kidding on that last one!

We cannot make any medical claims about our soap, HOWEVER, there are many many fabulous things packed into our bars. Frankly, who wouldn't want to bathe in goat milk like the legendary beauty, Cleopatra? (yes, really.) Not to mention the benefits of essential oils that have come to light in mainstream living, which we love! Basically, we pack as much good stuff in these bars (and lotions, and scrubs, and bath salts...and get the picture!) as we can.

I can't promise I won't get a little long-winded sometimes or overuse exclamation points (things! are just! so! exciting!) but stick around and hopefully you'll learn something. At the very least, I can promise you some pretty cute pictures will make their way in front of you!

Isaac, 2 years old, climbing goat "jungle gyms" with one of our wee little ones

Isaac, 2 years old, climbing goat "jungle gyms" with one of our wee little ones