More then just pretty soap

Well, there's more to life then making ridiculously nourishing soaps, I guess ;). Most people are so tantalized by our huge variety (over 40!) of soap fragrances that they don't know we also use our lab to cook up some other natural bath and body products that are every bit as good as the goat milk soap bars you know and love.

See fancy picture proof:


What are these crazy things? I'm glad you asked!

Our Bath Salts are pretty much guaranteed to turn you into a bath lover and get you addicted to that detoxifying feeling, our Eye Serum is the perfect foil for those under-eye circles...and last but not least, my absolute fave: Sweet Cheeks...ah, where do I begin! I am a fangirl of this stuff. It has so many uses (natural healing balm for dry cheeks, elbows, heels...any cracked skin) and my personal favorite use: Diaper Rash ointment. Y'all. I know it's our stuff but it is SO GOOD. None of my kids have ever gotten diaper rash. Three kids! Slap a little on after each dirty diaper or if you see a little redness and you are good to go. Basically this is the natural diaper rash cream of my dreams and even my stoic husband sings its praises.

Have you used any of our non-soap bath and body products? What's your favorite? Let me know in the comments!